We help people become great managersI am Chris Thomas the author of the Managers Toolbox series of books and training courses.I would like to give you my background and qualifications for developing Managers Toolbox and the motivations that inspired me.

I am a Professonal Engineer who has spent most of my working life in managerial positions in the demanding world of building and operating oil and gas plants around the world.

I started as a lead planning engineer and moved onto senior project manager positions and eventually to director level in a multinational company.

During my early career there were limited assistance with knowledge and skill development initiatives and we just had to get on with it. I was amazed to see how many top quality people were being promoted to management positions without any help. They were just promoted and left to get on with it! No training course or structured support but lots of criticism when it went wrong.

It was grossly unfair. For this reason, I developed the Managers Toolbox training series and this book.

I think the best input that I can make is on the job experience. All the problems and solutions that we cover actually happened to me. Most of the case studies and examples are based on true events involving colleagues or me. This is hands on stuff and I hope you enjoy and benefit as much as I have.

Chris Thomas